Preview: First Issue

The first issue of Lamma: A Journal of Libyan Studies is currently in production. The inaugural issue features a complex tapestry of perspectives on Libya and is enriched by several disciplinary approaches, including gender studies, political science, and history. Authors include world-renowned expert on Libya, Lisa Anderson, who offers an insightful and critical review of several popular books published about Libya in the last decade. She writes:

“Few countries are so unsettled; like a pool of water, Libya as often seems to reflect images of those who peer into it as it reveals its own depths.”

Anderson emphasizes that the English language texts she reviewed were published within five years of the revolution and are almost entirely authored by Europeans or Americans with the exception of Hisham Matar, a British-Libyan novelist who penned a memoir about his return to Libya after enduring years of political exile.

Anderson’s review is part of the inaugural issue, which will be published online soon. To learn more about submitting to Lamma, visit our submission page for more details!